About Us


MACSEIS Products are crafted to fully Uniform-equip both Corporate and Specialized Companies – from Administration to
Manufacturing or single end users living in the trend of modern time.

Diving into our Functional Corporate & Work Wear Collection, MACSEIS is set to excite you with a World of HIGHTECH and
Sporty tailored Products. Our Line is nothing you have ever seen in Corporate & Work Wear before; it is our core aim to ever
thrill you more and more as you turn the pages of this year New Catalog.

Comfort through Function in Balance is our virtue – produced using only OekoTex100 Standard Certified components and
Fabrics in all products is our low emission Environmental-Footprint and manufactured by tariff-paid Adults is our Code of
Conduct: then MACSEIS cares.

Our Functional Products are strong in Design and Protection and Tailored to the Best in Craftsmanship: – impeccable –
Striking – Unique – Slick – Sharp – Sporty – Trendy – Fitted – Reinforced – High Dense – Durable – Sustainable – Diverse –
Hardwearing – POWERDRY – Waterproof – BREATHABLE – Stretchy and Highly Weather Protective.